Thursday, 18 September 2008

Apples and produce

Today, we finally managed to track down some plain ordinary glass jam pots at the garage shop in Seix (up until now, I have not been able to find them at any of the expected outlets such as the major hypermarkets, 'garden centres' or agricultural cooperatives in the area). So I had to celebrate! We have now collected what we guess to be around 60kgs of apples which are now lazing in the barn pending arrival of our cider making equipment, so I reckoned some of those apples could be spared to top up my already dwindling chutney supplies! The result this afternoon is 9lbs of apple chutney which will be just divine in a month's time. I also have a quantity of spiced apple, cider and orange jelly going through the jelly bag ready for the final jelly-making stage tomorrow. I will also be collecting some blackberries when the rain clears at the weekend and intend to make some bramble and apple jelly too. Yum yum!

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