Monday, 15 September 2008

Let there be light!

After 4 days of low cloud, it was wonderful to see the mountains again this morning, complete with their snowy topsToday was to be clearance day. Jean-Claude, our neighbour from up the hill had arranged with Claudine to come down and fell a few trees which cast shadow over Pissou, not least of which is the big pine tree in the garden of the house below Pissou which completely obscures our view of the mountains from our terrasse.The trees either side are deciduous and don't cause such a problem. The acacias in front of Claudine's house obscure our evening sunlight and also had to go, along with a cherry tree and miscellaneous other smaller trees in the same area. Jean-Claude was in his element and looked every inch the professionalHis wife, Marie-Claire provided moral support, whilst Claudine, her friend Christine, Andy and myself cleared up after him and proceeded with chopping smaller sections of branches and logging what was brought down. By the time we had finished, the transformation was astounding and already much more light is reaching our houses.

After...A job well done

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