Friday, 12 September 2008

Cold, wet...

.... but did that stop us getting out? No siree! OK, so it wasn't the easiest job motivating myself to head out when the weather centre was indicating 10 degrees and it had been raining for most of the day. But for some time now, I have been wanting to explore an area on the other side of the Col de Port, which heads off along a route forestiere and then on footpaths to below Pic de la Journalade. So, suitably attired, we bundled the pooch into the car and headed out. However, once on the route, we quickly became distracted by the sheer quantity and variety of fungi that is proliferating in the woodland over there. We even found chanterelles growing by the side of the footpath! We must go back when the weather is dryer as we are sure to be able to fill a basket. The forest track ended at the head of the valley where we could see plenty of possibilities for 'going high' on a future date when the weather is not so poor.It was a nice little run out and not as wet as we had expected. As we were moving at a decent pace, the cold didn't bother us either. It had been good to get out.

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