Saturday, 20 September 2008


A slow start today meant it was mid afternoon before we eventually got out on the mountain bikes. But the weather was clear and sunny, around 20 degrees, so we headed back down to the forest tracks on the Tarascon side of the Col de Port with the objective of having a good ride out but with the hope of bringing back some ceps or other edible fungi from the pine woodland around there. Unfortunately, today is Saturday and a fine Saturday to boot, so there were quite a number of people out and about, many carrying bags and baskets full of various fungi.... not the right day for us to be mushrooming! Still, we made it up to the end of the track at 1200m before a quick descent back down, which was fun. I thought I would share these couple of photos with you, which sum up this time of year. This autumn crocus is a beauty and is now flowering in abundance;

We found this small mushroom en route, which we have not yet identified, but I just like the photo;Bunny casserole 'normande' tonight using the windfall apples and the chanterelles that we collected yesterday, along with the pattypan squash and courgette from our own patch. Scrummy.

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