Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Wood n apples

Much of today has been taken up with branching and logging the acacias and fruit trees that were brought down yesterday. The bonfire pile is now rather large! It will probably be the end October/November before we light it, as the leaves and branches need plenty of time to dry out in order to burn well. We have stashed the useful wood behind the house where it will dry, ready for burning on the woodburner next winter. We also discovered another apple tree in the woodland just below Pissou. A bit of clearance work was needed to access it but then a good shake brought down some of the biggest apples that we have yet found - they are not too tart and not too sweet, so perfect for out initial cider project! Many of the apple varieties in the area are apparently now rare and endangered, so it would be good to establish exactly what varieties we have in the orchards around Pissou whilst they are still productive and do what we can to save the trees for the future.

It has been a while since the skies here have been clear enough for a good sunset - however, this evening was quite lovely

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