Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bloody hell!

I have done my fair share of whingeing about the French bureaucracy, inefficiency and appalling service which appears to be endemic here. But this week, there have been three things that have conspired to change my mind.

1) Mercedes have actually agreed to accept an 'attestation' from any old garage and not from a Mercedes agent, confirming that we have changed the headlights on Sadie. You will recall that this is the final obstacle to us getting her onto French plates and is an issue that has given me more grief than just about anything else over the past year. I cannot believe that they have conceded!
2) We ordered a gas part for Sadie online and when it arrived it was the wrong one. I got it back in the post to them on Monday and would you believe that today, just 3 days later, we received the correct part?!! Gobsmacked!
3) We have had Sadie serviced today and when we went to pick her up from the garage (that, incidentally, we had never dealt with before), we were advised that the Secretary had gone off sick, that they would post the bill to us and could we please send a cheque by return, oh and here are your keys, good evening! How trusting is that?!

So, it would appear, Sadie is a good omen. Let's hope this run of good luck continues.

It's been up to 29 degrees C in the shade today and set to be even hotter tomorrow. Summer has indeed come early :-)

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gabriele gray said...

Wonderful progress, congratulations! I sympathise about the cushion covers---matching up the corners AND the zipper placket--but you've done it and now you get to enjoy it.
The stage show Funny Girl (Barbra Streisand) has a song, Sadie, Sadie (Married Lady)..maybe you could do a version for your Sadie and sing it to her when you start a trip---I have an old car and sing to it (Instead of Where are you, Little Star, I sing Where are you, little car when I've misplaced her in a parking garage)...