Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sadie and cycles

We finally finished making the cushion covers yesterday. Now she feels like a 'proper' campervan! Excuse the muck on my lens... must clean it.
The cushions form a king-size double bed and the 10cm thick foam is so comfortable

Andy also fitted the waterpump and the water expansion tank under the sink, which will ensure we get even water pressure in the van
He also finished off the access door for the toilet and Sogg kit
With the return of the glorious weather, we made sure we got out for a ride on the roadies yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely undulating circuit going via Lavelanet to Raissac, the Herm Valley, Col de Py and then up the Col de la Chioulade and back via Raissac and Lavelanet. 65km with 700m of ascent - lovely! I was pleased with how the legs were feeling considering how little I have been on the bike, recently. Full stats here.

Today, temperatures have soared into the high 20s. It may be the 6th April but it has been more like a mid July afternoon. I am not complaining! I had arranged to meet up with Pat (who I haven't seen for tooooo long) for a VTT outing in the Puivert area. What a day for it. It was a stunning afternoon. The sky was the bluest blue and the fields the most vibrant green

The tracks and trails were wonderfully dry and the only thing to spoil the ride was the lack of signage which made route-finding unnecessarily tricky just when you needed clarification! A great afternoon. 32km/540m+ Full stats here.

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