Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Getting there

It's been another hectic week since I last blogged. The weather has been glorious, a much more seasonal and amenable 20 Deg C, and the prolonged dry spell has successfully dried out the tracks and trails which made last Friday's final long run before the Trail des Citadelles a real pleasure to run. Andy accompanied me on a rematch with the 20km/850m+ circuit that we first attempted back in December. It's a lovely circuit with beautiful views towards Montségur and Pic de Soularac as a backdrop
 On the last occasion, we walked more of the circuit than we ran, with me hobbling the final 5kms back along the road with severe ITB discomfort. It took us around 3 1/2 hours. But on Friday, we were back in just 2h34m, with the final steep descent back down to the road a real blast to let loose on! I managed to run the final 5kms at a good pace and with no discomfort this time, which I was delighted about. The course profile....
... and full stats on the usual site. Unfortunately, the dry weather is set to end before the weekend which means that the Trail des Citadelles on Sunday could once again prove to be a mudfest! What fun!

Yesterday, whilst the good weather continued, we hopped onto the roadies for a hilly circuit from Fougax up to the Col de Montsegur, down and then up to Roquefixade, through to Foix and then back along the Herm Valley to Lavelanet and on home. It has been some while since I did any hill work on the roadie so naturally my legs wondered what I was doing to them, poor things. But it was a lovely circuit of 76.5km/1250m+ which we got round in 3h33m. Stats on the usual site. We were plagued by a head/cross/any-which-way wind for the whole of the return leg from Foix which made it damned hard work, even with Andy doing his best to shield me by riding in front. I was shattered when we finally made it home.
I shall be doing loads of stretching and taking it easy over the coming few days, so that my legs are fully recovered for the weekend. Then hopefully I will have a good race.

Other news.... we actually received the European Cert of Conformity from Mercedes for Sadie on Monday. Hurray! All I need to do now is take along the masses of paperwork to the Prefecture in Foix and get a French reg document for her and her French transformation will be complete. It has been one of the most exasperating experiences that I have had, particularly since we didn't have this hassle and grief when registering the other 2 vehicles here. But that's France for you!

Talking of Sadies, I have been working on her curtains whilst Andy has been doing the gas and electrical work over the past week. We're getting there!

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