Monday, 25 April 2011


We have been working on the bathroom in the van today. The God-awful contact adhesive has once more been deployed to put up the gloss plastic cladding which enabled us to then put up the shower head, ceiling vent and lights.
We will eventually silicone the edges and joins of the cladding to make the room properly watertight but next we need to make the supports for fitting the shower tray and put in the rail for the shower curtain. The door frame has also now been clad on the inside and permanently fixed into place.
Andy has also now completed what, to me, is a complicated electrickery board and leisure battery box into which the mass of wires & cables will eventually be attached
Progress indeed!

An update after yesterday's race. The full scratch results are now in and I am chuffed to bits to confirm that I came in 12th woman out of 107 and 6th woman out of 51 in my age group, which, for a mere punter & not a club runner I am quite pleased with! I have got some leg discomfort today, but nothing untoward and I know that yesterday's exertions will have made me stronger for future events. Bring it on!

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