Saturday, 2 April 2011

More Sadie progress

Well, Spring has sprung and we have been enjoying ambient temperatures of up to 26 degrees C over the past couple of days. It feels SO good! A brief interlude of stormy weather is forecast over the next 24/36 hours but then full on soleil again next week. Fantastic!

In the meantime, work on Sadie has been progressing well. Andy has done a great job on the ply frontage for the kitchen unit. Note the lovely rounded corners on the openings. I will shortly be applying some varnish which should bring the cherry ply up beautifully
Today, one of the last big jobs has also been accomplished. The cutting for the access door for the Thetford cassette toilet was always going to be a a nail-biting job, but thankfully it went off without a hitch and only a minor amount of swearing. The door fits neatly and squarely and now we just need to head back to the UK to collect the toilet!
The opening would make an ideal dog flap.
We are now in a position to be able to start applying the waterproof wall covering to the shower/bathroom and to fit the shower tray and shower rail. It's quite exciting!

Work on the seating covers has also been progressing well, although I have to say, I hate doing zips on these big covers!
I have recovered surprisingly well from last weekends exertions and managed to grab a quick run out with the pooch before dinner yesterday evening. I repeated the 7km circuit that goes up onto the crête behind the house and knocked 4 minutes off the last time I did it. Good stuff :-D

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