Saturday, 8 May 2010

And the good news is ......

.... there is still life in the potager! Yes, despite the stupid weight of snow that threatened to crush the life out of them, my veggies are (mostly) more robust than I had imagined - hurrah! In particular, I am chuffed to bits with the brave little soldiers that are my peas. Before the snow came, I covered them with a protective strip of horticultural fleece and today I was able to remove the snow from the strip and peel back the fleece to reveal the (mostly) still strong little fellas! A couple have naturally succumbed to the crush but the rest should grow up to be strong, productive little plants
The celery, rocket, carrots, mixed salad and French beans also seem to be bouncing back. But the same cannot be said for the poor raspberry canes which have taken a right hammering and are mostly buried under the snow (in the right of the picture below). But raspberry canes are generally robust things and hopefully, given some space and warmth, will bounce back in no time. The tomatoes, as I expected, are broken and bruised thanks to the collapse of the cloche and will probably all have to be replaced. But generally, things could have been worseThe rickety fencing around the potager will all have to be replaced but I have been able to re-establish the electric fencing this afternoon, so no hungry animals will be able to profit from the gaps. The temperature has been back up towards 20 degrees today and the melt looks like it should be rapid, thank goodness. My neck/shoulder is pretty much back to normal (provided I continue to look after it), so we will be heading down to the plain tomorrow for a much needed outing on the roadies - I can't wait!

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PigletinFrance said...

I still can't get over all that snow you had.
I'm pleased your veggie patch has survived!