Thursday, 20 May 2010

Riding in the sunshine

Wall to wall blue with a good dose of yellow - oh yes, and a reading of 24 degrees C when we left the car for our roading outing from Foix. I think this could be summer?

So, anyway, we had a lovely outing on quiet country lanes today, through beautiful rolling countryside, Foix-Ganac-Brassac-down to Serres-sur-Arget and then a 5km climb up to Alzen which is a beautiful spot at 720m alt.Then a 6km descent down to la Bastide-de-Serou before picking up the rolling country lanes through to Unjat and Cardacet and then on to Labouiche and back to Foix. Not long, at just under 46kms but with just over 700m of ascent, it wasn't a pushoverFull stats are on this link as usual. I wasn't firing on all cylinders as my legs were still tired after my daft run up the Peguere hill the other day and also developed stomach cramps probably due to the combination of having eaten an energy bar and drunk a slightly too strong solution of energy drink! But apart from that, it was lovely to be out turning over the legs in the lovely warm sun. It looks set to get even warmer over the weekend, possibly reaching 30 degrees on Sunday. The potager is going to be needing some serious watering attention at this rate - I am not complaining!

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