Monday, 10 May 2010

Cleaning up and clearing up

Today, we made a start on clearing the trees and branches that fell last week. The little chemin/track behind us was littered with fallen cherry, beech and apple branches which would provide a good base for next winter's wood supplies.Andy set to with the chainsaw, snedding the leafy branches and cutting the useable sections into lengths that we could move and store, whilst I cleared, removed sections and stacked. It was warm, physical work, but the kind of work that I really enjoy - I love the physicality and the tangible reward for the effort. We got a fair bit cleared but still loads to do.

On the potager front, unfortunately today, the sweetcorn, french beans, squash, courgette and cornichon young plants are all looking decidedly sorry for themselves and appear to be giving up the ghost which is disappointing. Despite my initial optimism, last week's dramatic temperature reversal appears to have taken its toll after all.


kervéguen said...

Sorry to hear about the tender plants Penny.

Frost here tonight and I fear for my potatoes. Not enough to get up and cover them though!

- Max

penny said...

Thanks Max - we have more Cold Stuff forecast for the end of the week and then hopefully Spring will finally assert itself. I will not be defeated and will be sowing more sweetcorn, courgette and cornichons in modules which will ONLY be planted out when warm temps are guaranteed! Less haste!

Potatoes seem to be pretty hardy in my experience and should survive a light frost, no problem, but don't quote me on that ;-)