Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Frantic activity

It's here! And about bloody time too! Oh yes, that glowing yellow orb is making a much awaited comeback and it's return has been accompanied by scenes of frenetic and indeed frantic activity here. Like animals that finally get a whiff of fresh, sweet grass after being penned in for months on end, we were out, mowing the jungle of grass, strimming, weeding, sowing, planting.....I'm shattered! It's been a productive day, spent under the warm, 0h the wonderfully warm rays of the sun.

The potager was the focus of much of my attention, as it has been sadly neglected over the past month due to the appalling weather we have had. I have re-sown the French beans, planted out the replacement tomato plants, the three types of chilli pepper and the aubergine plants which should start to thrive now that some warmer weather is finally here.

Tomorrow, we will hopefully get out on the roadies for a blast somewhere down on the flatlands. The Atlantic high pressure system that has brought us this sunny weather looks set to be with us at least through to the weekend and we will be making the most of it!

1 comment:

kervéguen said...

My aubergines look like a set of losers. Small and slightly crispy plants still lost in their big pots.

Warm weather on the way here too, but we need rain! Weeks of it - sorry, gite guests!