Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sometimes a simple pootle is just the ticket

It's been ages since I have seen Pat.... weeks, months, I don't know, but ages and I miss riding and running with my mate. She is still trying to work through a knee injury which has been plagueing her for 6 months now, which is a bit of a problem when you are a personal trainer. But she is finally able to ride both the mountain bike and roadie again, but only for short distances, so we met up down on the plain at Saint Felix de Rieutord this afternoon and scooted round a waymarked 19km circuit which was an interesting mix of short sections on quiet tarmacced back lanes...of overgrown and decidedly tricky, narrow riverside footpaths (you try spotting tree roots, stumps and holes when they are covered in foot deep grass!) and lovely riding on farm tracks..... Great views tooDistance and time were not an issue. This wasn't a training ride. This was a lovely girly pootle which really does you (OK, me) good sometimes. We had a real giggle as only girlies can and started planning for bigger things when her knee is fully healed. The Trans-Ariege mountain bike ride in October is the objective. I have no doubt she will do everything in her power to make sure she is fit for that!

In the meantime, Andy decided to give himself a beasting on a ride from Foix, up the Col de Marrous to the Col de Peguere and home. Steady and persistent ascent over 20+kms. And it was hot. And yes, he did suffer. Sheesh. You'll never catch me doing something silly like that ! So a chill out this evening with a wood-fired BBQ, lamb kebabs and a glass (or 3) of rosé. Chin chin!

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

living the dream mate :)