Sunday, 2 May 2010

Conquering lasyarseitis

It's too easy when the weather is pants to make a pint of tea (yes, I know, we're weird), kick back and stay snug and cosy in front of the warming glow of the woodburner. So it took a herculean effort for me to drag my lazy arse upstairs, get changed and then head up to Peguere to do the route forestière circuit with the pooch this afternoon. But oh, did I enjoy it once I got going! It was wet but a perfect temperature for running. My legs turned easily on the soft ground but I made time to stop and absorb the beauty of the beech trees in their new green fineryI have no idea what time it took me to do the 6km circuit as the battery on my Garmin died very quickly after I left the car. Still, I wasn't out for a full-on training run so the time was irrelevant - I felt good which was all that mattered. So now I am back and enjoying a pint of tea, snug and cosy in front of the warming glow of the woodburner happy in the knowledge that lazyarseitis has been conquered.... for today anyway.

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