Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A cracking roadie outing

Andy and I joined Pat, Kev and Céd for a cracking roadie outing from Varilhes this morning. It was blissfully overcast with temps in the low 20s when we met up, which made for perfect riding conditions, initially. Pat and I quickly agreed that today, we would let the boyz do what the boyz do best. She is still having to be very gentle with her knee and consequently we would not be following their example by putting on daft uphill power surges, burning each other off or launching surprise attacks on each other! Oh no, we were quite content to meander along the wonderfully quiet and picturesque valley roads towards Aigues Juntes and Mas d'Azil before stopping off for a welcome coffee in Artigat. It turned out to be a lovely undulating circuit of just under 68kms with 830m of ascent which felt easy peasy!The legs felt good and we all had a jolly jovial and fun ride out, with the boyz a tad more pooped than us gurlz, which is not a bad thing! More please!

Oh, and in case anybody thinks Sadie has been abandoned, fear not. Yesterday, whilst manically dodging horse flies (Gah! I hate the vicious little buggers!) we managed to cut holes in the roof and install the three ceiling vents, two at the front and one at the back. A bit more work is required to 'sandwich' the inside sections to them, but they are looking good

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