Friday, 30 July 2010

She brushes up all right, does our Sadie

Great progress today. We got the enormous 4m long Fiama awning fitted today. It's a surprisingly neat package when it is packed away along the side of the van....and provides a wonderfully big shaded area when it is outAndy also fitted the electrical hook-up socket and the water-fill cap and then set up the bike carrier mountings on the rear doors onto which the 4-bike carrier slots very neatly. In the meantime, I made great progress cleaning up the paintwork - T-cut is a superb product and Sadie is now showing her true colours :-)

The weather is looking good for the weekend and we have a roadie outing with P, K, C and F (henceforth known as 'The Gang') planned for Sunday. I can't wait!


PigletinFrance said...

that's great progres, I can't wait to see her finished!

One question though: where do you buy T-Cut in France and is it called the same? I only found out about it recently from some folks back in the UK so I was wondering where to buy it. Any ideas?

penny said...

The OH brought this T-Cut back from the UK along with half of Halfords! You could try Feu Vert? It really does bring up the colour wonderfully and well worth the effort :-D