Thursday, 29 July 2010

It's all about Sadie

I reckon we rescued her in the nick of time. She may be only 5 years old but, all the same, she is already looking a wee bit raggedy around certain edges.... notably, the rear door edges. So, yesterday, off they came. Andy deployed, first, the welder to repair and reinforce the lock mounting and then proceeded to give the doors a good seeing to in important raggedy places with the grinder and I followed on with the gentler treatment of rust preventor application. The sliding side door also came off and got a good scrubbing with some white spirit around it's bottom edge to remove the God-awful glue that the previous owner had spilt everywhere. The doors were then rehung. What a difference ...the rear doors actually shut securely now and the sliding movement of the side door is much smoother thanks to the clean up.

Today, after receiving more detailed instructions from the supplier, Andy was finally able to mount the clean water tank on the underside of the van. We can now crack on with the interior plumbing - hurrah (and not woo-hoo which some readers apparently find a tad irritating for which I do apologise ;-) ) ! I, in the meantime, gave Sadie a bit of an exterior makeover and set about removing the remnants of stubborn glue from the masking tape that we had used to hold the new windows in place.... hard stuff to shift once it has been baked on by the hot sun here. The T-cut was also used to good effect to clean up one side of the van and to remove the ghosts of the previous owner's sign-writing. She brushes up well does our Sadie. Pics in due course, of course.


Lee said...

I think "hurrah" is a more genuine expression of delight.

penny said...

Oh, believe me, I am expressing THE most sincere and un-refrained Homer-Simpson-esque delight in my use of 'Woo-Hoo', but shall indeed, in future also ensure that 'hurrah', 'huzzah', 'yee-hah' and indeed 'Hoop-laa' receive their due acknowledgement as appropriate ;-)