Tuesday, 27 July 2010

House fettling, potager potterings and more bikey fun

Sunday was a seemingly unending frenzy of tidying, cleaning, patch plastering and generally getting the house in a 'finished' state ready for the viewing on Monday morning - the frenzied activity included Andy finally getting around to creating the solid oak fronts for the kitchen wineracks which finish it off nicely.I finished the day by speaking with Claudine to ask if she wouldn't mind please keeping the dogs indoors in the morning so that they didn't wreak havoc during the visit of our potential buyers! The visit went well and the Danes made all the right noises but we have yet to hear whether they will be making an offer or not. I am not holding my breath!

The weather finally started to clear yesterday afternoon and provided the perfect opportunity to mow the grass down and to spend a good few hours doing some much needed weeding and tidying in and around the potager. The various varieties of tomatoes just need some serious warmth now before they start to ripen. A glut is assured. We had time to pop up to Peguere in the afternoon and collected some very tasty bilberries...and our first chanterelles of the yearToday, the sun has returned so we headed over to Foix for an outing on the roadies - a pretty 70km circuit on wonderfully quiet roads east of Foix. My Garmin 305 is working again following a software update, so the stats are on the usual site.

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