Saturday, 3 July 2010

A weather 'blip'

Last week was a week of stickily hot temperatures, but yesterday we were 'treated' to a full on 'eye of the storm' experience which, only after the event, I truely appreciate for it's temperature-lowering prowess. At the time (6pm), it was, well, pretty scarey - it was the full thunder and lightning, torrential downpour with hailstones experience, accompanied by blasts of wind that threatened to bring down yet more trees/branches. The strength of the wind was such that the rain was forced into any nook or cranny that was even slightly vulnerable. This, unfortunately, included the newly installed windows of the van - the installation instructions for the windows specify that jet washing should be avoided for at least a week following installation. Gah! Bad timing! But hopefully no lasting damage done.

Today has been overcast and blissfully cooler (down to 20 degrees) so we kept our appointment with Pat, Cédric and his partner Frédérique this morning for a short roadie outing down near Foix in ideal conditions.... well, apart from the low cloud and drizzle up the valley from Saint Félix du Rieutort, but that was actually surprisingly pleasant to ride in! Pat is still taking things very easy due to her ongoing knee problems, but Cédric couldn't help but put the hammer down from time to time to which the rest of us couldn't help but respond which provided some fun. It was a wonderfully sociable ride out which we all enjoyed. Looking forward to more! Recreational stats here as usual.

Tomorrow, I think a run with the pooch will be required whilst the temperatures are still amenable. A big Atlantic high pressure area is pushing in next week which is sure to bring temperatures into the 30s. Then next weekend we will be heading up to the Alps to watch Le Tour roll through - bring it on!

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