Thursday, 22 July 2010

This week

.... well, it's kind of disappeared somehow. After Sunday's exertions up to the Port de Pailhères, Monday and Tuesday were easy but hot days, working on the van (Andy) installing the waste and fresh water tanks on the underside and pottering in the potager (me), tying in and pruning the tomato plants which are making great progress, amongst other things.

Yesterday, I had a lovely outing with Pat. It was one of those ace gurly shopping/coffee/mountain bike outings. I hadn't planned on spending any money, honest. In fact I hold Pat entirely to blame. She stumbled upon a fab pair of end-of-line, mainly leather, 'Lake' mountain bike shoes in the bike shop near Pamiers. The size she thought would fit (39) were in fact too small for her, so she went for the size 41 shoes. Purely out of interest, being a size 38, I had to try on the size 39s as they were a fine looking shoe and mine are, well, ancient and decrepit and falling to bits. It just so happened they fitted me perfectly! Woo-hoo! But you have to admit, they are a mighty fine looking shoe, n'est-ce pas?We celebrated with a damn fine coffee and patisserie in Varilhes which we then almost worked off on a 19km mountain bike ride around the no. 8 circuit from the town. We had a hoot. I love riding with my mate :-) Good times.

Back home, Andy and I headed out for a quick mooch with the pooch in the afternoon, up to the Cap des Campets which took rather longer than expected due to the copious quantities of these that we stumbled upon and which were just asking to be eatenMmm! Nom nom! Bilberries! Must head back up there tomorrow with my bilberry 'comb' before they are all picked by the vacanciers over the w/e.

We have got some Danish people coming round to view the house on Monday, so we are having a frantic push to finish all those silly little jobs that will hopefully make all the difference when people see the house for the first time. Fingers crossed they like it.

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