Thursday, 4 December 2008

Back on the flatlands

Here, the temperatures have risen and it is grey and damp with mushy, slushy snow on the ground. Conditions are not ideal for any physical activity this side of the Col de Port! So, with Pat and Kev now back home following their trip to the UK, I headed down onto the flatlands for some much needed running action. The temperature there was a good 5 degrees milder than at Pissou and no snow had fallen, which meant that the footpaths, tracks and trails were clear, albeit muddy in places. We headed out with Taff to try and link up a couple of the local VTT trails in the area. Kev was on form... but Pat was feeling the effects of two tennis matches yesterday! Still, we had a giggle..... and covered approx 13kms on the relative flat which resulted in a new VTT circuit linked up.... must take the bike next time! It was a very enjoyable outing which was followed by a very scrummy 'French pasty' that Kev had knocked up for lunch. A grand day out.

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