Friday, 12 December 2008


We don't seem to have been out of the house very much this week for one reason or another and cabin fever is starting to set in! Today was forecast to be much clearer than earlier in the week and I was hoping to have a session on the skis, but the day dawned cloudy and overcast, albeit slightly milder. So instead of spending the day en piste, we headed up to the Col de Port with the intention of snow-shoeing up to the Pech de Therme (1673m). We were greeted by strong gusting winds which created a not inconsequential wind-chill factor - very different from conditions down at Pissou. The pooch was therefore required to wear his winter jacket!
The sun was trying oh so hard to break through the stormy skies, but unfortunately it was fighting a losing battleAs we climbed up the zig-zags, it soon became apparent that the deep drifted snow was going to be a problem for poor Taff - he was struggling. We had no choice but to turn around and return to the car. But we had had a brief stretch of the legs and got some air into the lungs. Hopefully we will get some ski action over the weekend.

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Les suédois said...

Il est très élégant ton toutou, et il a l'air d'en avoir conscience!