Saturday, 6 December 2008

Got me gigs!

Had a 'phone call from the opticians down in St G this afternoon to advise that my glasses were ready for collection (3 days ahead of the date that they had given me - very impressive!). So of course I dashed down to collect them, desperate to see just what difference they would make to my close vision. And wow, what a difference! I only need the very lowest strength lenses, but still, clarity has been restored when I am reading and looking at my computer screen. Fantastic. I am sure a photo will follow at some point ;-)

The weather cleared momentarily this morning and we even enjoyed an hour or so of warm sunshine. I took advantage of the change and threw the windows open to let some fresh air into the house and had a much-needed, frantic cleaning session. In the distance, the high mountains came into view and the tops are plastered with fresh snow. More is forecast for Tuesday night with a sharp drop in temperatures overnight. Thursday looks good for an outing. Fingers crossed.

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