Monday, 8 December 2008

Testing winter wear

The day dawned clear but cold. I headed back down to the flatlands and parked up outside Pat and Kev's - the temperature guage on the car was telling me it was 4 degrees. Now, just how good were my spanking new Ground Effect 'Ice Queen' winter cycling jacket and winter leggings?! The first section of the roadie outing from their house was a bit of a hill - nothing as steep as around here, I have to say, but still enough to make me wander whether it had been overkill to wear the winter jacket, neoprene gloves and overboots. But as soon as we hit the descent, I was glad of the windproof jacket. We cycled along the quiet country lanes and ended up in Mirepoix for the obligatory coffee and cake stop. On the return leg, we battled with a nasty, chilly headwind, so sent Kev to the front and we tucked in behind, taking advantage of his slipstream. Excellent! We had covered 68kms by the time we made it back to Neylis. I was very pleased with how the winter clobber had performed. It had been a handy little outing.

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