Saturday, 20 December 2008

Venison update

I went along to the maison de chasse up the road in the community of Rieupregon this evening to collect the venison. I was dumbfounded to be presented with over 3 kgs of saddle from a red deer hind! Prime cut! When I asked what I owed in the way of payment (having first clarified that we lived just below the woodland in which the deer were shot), the response was a shrug of the shoulders and a very French 'pffff ....comme vous voulez'....I offered a bottle of wine which somehow seemed woefully inadequate for such prime meat. We have split one of the joints into two for the freezer and the other whole joint has now started its slow marinade ready for very slow cooking on Christmas Day. Yum!

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Lee said...

Just as well I didn't give you any of my chevreuil!