Saturday, 20 December 2008

A stroke of luck

Even though it will only be for the two of us, it is about time I sorted out some food ideas for Christmas dinner, as time is now getting on. We have pretty much decided on a nice chunk of chevreuil (venison) so I popped down to the butchers in Massat to see what they could offer. They had what I was after so Delphine put it to one side for me. But then, on the way home, I encountered the chasseurs on our chemin, about to load into a pickup two good-sized deer which they had shot this afternoon. I stopped and asked whether they could spare a shoulder from one of the deer for our Christmas dinner. No problem, was the reply, so I will be popping along to the Maison de Chasse up the road this evening to collect it. Needless to say, the order from the butchers has been cancelled. Quelle chance!

This evening I will be decorating the house with the holly that we collected from the woodland this afternoon. It is time to start getting into some semblance of Christmas spirit, methinks! In the meantime, Andy has serviced the chainsaws and I have done a bit of bike maintenance today.

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