Tuesday, 16 December 2008

More snowy stuff

Another 6" of snow fell overnight. The weight of the snow has been bringing down trees and branches in the area and Pissou has not been untouched. First job this morning was to clear a couple of smaller trees that had fallen across our chemin and which would hinder the passage of the snow plough which we were expecting imminently. More wood for the woodburner :-)
We have been clagged in all day and the snow plough came through too late for us to head over to Ax for a piste outing. So we donned the skis and headed up the road towards Peguere. Jamie used my old metre-long approach skis and with the skins attached, seemed to cope well with the deep powder.
It was hard work in places as I broke trail - the snow was up to a metre deep in sections, but the skis generally did a fine job. It would have been impossible to walk in such deep snow. The ski back down was taxing, as the road is not wide enough to be able to put in turns and the deep powder required very evenly weighted skis in order to avoid sinking in and grinding to a halt. But still, it was good to get out for a brief outing.

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