Sunday, 15 February 2009

Blue is back

Yes, grey has been chased away and blue has taken its place! It is wonderful to have clear skies again. I decided an outing on the roadie was called for, as I am supposed to be doing a cyclosportive up in the Gers department with P&K next weekend but I really don't know if I am bike fit enough. This would be my last opportunity to decide whether or not to send in my entry.

I headed down to St Girons and parked up in Saint Lizier. The route I had in mind was a 70km circuit with 710m of ascent. It took me along lovely little back roads through charming little villages where people were going about their Sunday business, with some fantastic views of Mont Valier and other Couserans peaks. I passed the Chateau de Prat Bonrepauxthe old bastide de Monjoie and the cité de Saint Lizier... you could call it something of a cultural outing although I was unable to stop long enough to really appreciate it!

It was an immensely undulating circuit but with no major ascents. In a way, I think it was far harder than doing one long slog up a col where you select granny gear and just keep the pedals turning. The hills kept on coming right up until the final few kilometers, by which time I was pooped. However, the outing had done me good and I reckon I have nothing to lose by entering the sportive next weekend. It will be 78kms but with less ascent... I reckon it will be good experience and good fun too!

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