Friday, 20 February 2009

The next project

Ever since we moved in to Pissou, a big bug bear has been the fact that the previous occupants had bricked up half of the doorway in the bedroom that used to lead out to the rear of the house and stuck a silly little double-glazed window in the upper half. We have no idea why. It just does not suit the house in any respect and it also closed an important means of access.
The rear of the house sees some wonderful evening sun in the summer, but at the moment it is wasted. So we have a plan to create a terrace area at the back, which is accessible from the 1st floor and for this we will need to open up the doorway again. We picked up a couple of lovely, bargain 'porte-fenetre' from a 'Troc' shop (2nd hand goods and materials) today which fit the space perfectly.I have started stripping them down to bare wood and intend to stain them in due course. We now need to find the right hard wood to make the frame and then we can restore the space back to the purpose for which it was created :-)

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