Monday, 9 February 2009

Time for a change

This blog is too full of lovely scenic photos and other jolly happenings in the Pissou world. It really cannot continue in that vein. I mean, I am really not giving people a very balanced picture of life here, am I. So here, this is what I have been up to today
We knew we had a little bit of a damp problem on the back wall of the bedroom, but until we took the bookcases out, we didn't appreciate the extent of it.Nice! After spraying with a bleach solution, I successfully scraped off most of the mould along with the top layer of plaster. We are now trying to dry out the room with the aid of a dehumidifier and will sand down the wall, size it and then paint with bathroom paint when it has been properly prepared. Not the most pleasant of jobs, it has to be said, but it has to be done.


Les suédois said...

Une maison à moitié enterrée? On a le même genre de problème chez nous à la Trappe. Pas facile.

penny said...

Oui, la maison est enterrée à l'arrière et c'est là qu'on a le problème :-( On va finir par peindre le mur avec de la peinture pour salle de bain - j'espère aue celle-là va désencourager les moisissures!