Friday, 22 May 2009

Eat your heart out 'propane Elaine'!

Simpsons fans will know what I am on about, but for those not so 'au fait' with those American icons, I should just explain that we have had the most scrummy wood-fired BBQ this evening with 'jerk' chicken, homegrown organic salad leaves (rocket, baby spinach, lollo rosso lettuce leaves) and vegetable kebabs.... the smoking wood did a great job of keeping the biting insects at bay on the terrasse and the scrummy bottle of Anjou rosé for me (OK, not local, but hey) and Languedoc Roussillon red (for him) did a great job of washing it down. I am hoping I have now finally turned the corner after the worrying health issues recently, which culminated in some stupidly high blood pressure readings this week (sorry if I've been quiet folks, but 180/108 is not good and makes you feel kinda rubbish really and not exactly communicative). But all that is now under control plus there is some good news on the horizon, with Francoise and Daniel out the back having signed for a house this week, which means they will be gone before the end of July.... woo-hoo! Let's hope their son and his girlfriend will be moving with them. And the potager is coming on great guns. The peas are now in flower, the second sowing of French beans has come through as have the yellow and white turnips that I only sowed 3 days ago ... excellent!

So to end this evening's post, a photo of the front of house, complete with a copious quantity of rose blooms and lush greenness

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