Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hot and sticky and a run

We have been experiencing typical, variable Spring weather recently. Yesterday, we were treated to sudden violent gusts of wind which you could hear as they approached, buffeting the trees in the woodland down towards Massat. When a gust hit us, the trees around Pissou bent double in protest at the sudden shock. They cracked and groaned but stood their ground, straightening with relief as the gusts moved further up the headland. As suddenly as they came, they went and an eery calm returned.... until the next one landed. The pattern continued all day but fortunately no damage occurred.

Today has been a mixture of overcast skies and then violent heat as the clouds have occasionally parted to allow the sun to peak through. It is now 18.00 hrs and the weather station is showing 30 degrees in the shade. I took advantage of a cooler spell earlier this afternoon to take the pooch for a run from the Peguere route forestiere up to the Cap de Campets (1500m) which has stunning views towards the high mountainsThe path up to the Cap has some lovely running, which is your reward for the preceding steep climb up through the woodland!
From the Cap, a fun descent down to Col de Portel and then lovely woodland tracks down to the Roc de Peyre Caussille followed by a steep descent on narrow sheep trods to the path that meanders its way back through the woodland and eventually to the start of the route forestiere. On the way, some lovely views down towards Massat, nestling in its lush, green surroundings11.3kms and approx 500m of ascent in 1 hr 40 mins. A steady, unhurried run. A nice outing.

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