Friday, 8 May 2009

Le spécialiste

Spoke to the doctor yesterday and was given orders to head down to Foix hospital this morning. The drugs should have stopped the vertigo. It wasn't 'normale' that I was feeling no different. I needed to see a 'spécialiste'. So, hospital it was. Bank Holiday here today, so chances of there being a specialist available were small. But I was in luck. They were able to get one in to see me. What a nice man :-) After various tests and examination of my eye movement and balance he confirmed that the vestibular system of my inner left ear was indeed malfunctioning fairly severely. Some IV drugs and some saline followed and eventually, 3 hours later, we left, with instructions to make an appointment with the specialist next week for a more thorough going over. More drugs to take in the meantime and hopefully over the next 24/48 hrs the movement should start to stabilise. I can't wait.

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