Saturday, 9 May 2009


Great news! The parsnips have germinated! Little green shoots are poking their heads out in two nice ordered lines! I have read so much about how difficult they are to grow, I was not optimistic about the chances of success. I sowed the seeds on the 13 April, so it's taken 3 weeks for germination to occur. Let's just hope the voles/mice don't take a fancy to them and snaffle my hard earned 'snips before they reach maturity.

The coriander is also now coming through along with the Charlotte potatoes that I planted out in the potager - the ones in tubs on the terrasse have been up for a few days already. The beans are also now well and truely up and the tomato plants that I planted out on Wednesday are really taking off. The combination of wet weather (VERY wet on Thursday with literally a river coming down the hill and past our front door which ended up flooding Claudine's, next door!) and warmth (24 degrees in the shade today), seems to be to the potager's liking.

Pottering today has been interesting. The nystagmus flickering eye movement and dizziness seem to be stabilising and the nausea consequently subsiding. If I am standing up or sitting down, provided I don't move my head, everything is stable and normal which is a BIG welcome relief. But if I walk or move my head, my balance is not yet there and I am decidedly wobbly, particularly if I attempt to turn round in a narrow space such as between the rows in the potager. But things are improving and the drugs are slowly working on my inner ear's vestibular responses so I am optimistic that full service will be resumed in the course of next week :-)

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