Thursday, 7 May 2009

Le vertige

Vertigo. It's not funny. Since Sunday I have been experiencing increasingly frequent, increasingly prolonged and increasingly severe 'crises' which culminated yesterday in a bout of vomiting and a visit to the doctor. Probably an inner ear balance mechanism problem, he reckons. An injection was given to relieve the vertigo. Home for a lie down with a brief nausea relief stop on the way. Horizontal and with eyes shut brings relief. The drugs don't work. More of the same in tablet form later and fingers crossed. This morning, no improvement. More of the drugs. Walking is 'interesting' and nye on impossible without support. So the morning is spent horizontal with eyes shut. I would like the world to stop spinning please. Another call to the docs this afternoon is in order. This is really really not very nice :-(

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Les suédois said...

Hi Penny, not funny at all. I really hope you get better soon /Anne