Saturday, 23 May 2009

Potager progress

A quick update on veggie progress in the potager.... the top plot....From left to right, peas are in flower, the early Nantes carrots are doing well, the mixed Italian leaf salad that I have sown between them is doing well, spinach and rocket have been gracing our plates with the coriander also making good progress, first sowing of beetroot is thriving and the second sowing is not far behind, 4 capsicum plants are now established and the 2 aubergines at the top are developing fruit. The baby carrots that I sowed last week are not yet up and the shallots and garlic which are out of the picture to the right are being attacked by voles. Hopefully some will have survived.

Then in the bottom half ........ from top to bottom, F1 carrots (not visible) are making progress, leeks are developing well, Charlotte potatoes are thriving, dwarf French beans 1st sowing are now 4-6 inches high and the second sowing is now coming through, tomato plants are looking promising but the chillis are still struggling. Then the yellow and also white turnips that I only sowed 3 days ago are showing at the bottom of the picture. Out of shot are the cauliflower and savoy cabbage plants which are becoming established.

Elsewhere, the kuri squash plants that I grew from our own seed are thriving and the courgette plants too. The second sowing of peas are now an inch high and the strawberries are swelling nicely. Regular and thorough watering is the order of the day, as it has been dry and very warm over recent days.

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