Monday, 4 May 2009

Potager update

We had a fine, warm day yesterday, which is just what the potager needs. More is forecast for later in the week, although today is cold, grey and damp. But the veggies are coming along well and we had our first handful of rocket and baby spinach leaves in a salad yesterday which was lovely. The pea sticks are now in, as the plants are shooting up. The second sowing of both beetroot and rocket are now coming through, the second batch of garlic is sprouting nicely, the French beans are just starting to show and the mixed salad leaves and lambs lettuce are also showing signs of life. The various sowings of carrot need a decent spell of good weather to take off and despite being under a cloche, the capsicum and chilli seedlings seem a bit hesitant. Sun is what we need now and lots of it!

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