Saturday, 17 October 2009

Capsicum rescue

We have been experiencing low nighttime temperatures over the past few days, including a frost night before last which threatened to destroy the last of my capsicum fruit. There is little chance of them ripening further at this time of year, so today, I collected the remaining green capsicum, some ripe chillis and some ripening chilli peppers and now have to decide what to do with them!I have already frozen quite a quantity of the small hot chillis and will probably preserve the remaining ones in oil for the winter. The green capsicum and very tasty chilli peppers will probably be roasted to bring out their full flavour and then preserved.

I have spent some time clearing the top section of the potager this week, weeding and preparing the soil for the addition of some horse manure which will hopefully replenish the ground ready for next year's produce.

The forecast is excellent with clear blue skies and sun through until Tuesday afternoon but then we are likely to see some rain again.

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Anne said...

Bonjour Penny! Moi aussi je suis dans le piment en ce moment... Attention, c'est addictif ! J'en ai fait sêcher pour les réduire en poudre. Il vaut mieux couper en deux et enlever les graines et paroies s'ils sont très forts. A +