Monday, 5 October 2009


This part of the world has clearly not realised that 30 degrees is not a seasonal temperature for early October. But hey, I am not complaining .... oh no, no no, no way! After having a quick haircut with Helen down near Tarascon (hurrah! at last somebody here who can cut my hair as it needs to be cut!) and doing some shopping at Brico Depot, I hopped onto the roadie and had a blast on the quiet roads and lanes west of Pamiers, where the scenery is very different to the area around Massat. Gently rolling hills, agricultural land, several small farmsteads - all very pretty in its own way but nowhere near as dramatic
It was good to get back on the bike again, although it brought home to me just how unfit I am at the moment, with every uphill section being more painful than it should have been. Still, it was 2 hours out in the glorious warm sunshine, which always does the spirit good.

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