Friday, 2 October 2009


Well, we had to abort our floor-tiling efforts yesterday. The tile adhesive that we were attempting to use was far too fine-grained and fluid (despite allegedly being suitable for floor tiles) and the tiles were literally moving of their own accord as we laid them. So a trip to St-Girons was made to buy a different 'colle', which fortunately did what it said on the tin (or on the bag, if you are being picky) and we have today got the tiles laid and will be grouting tomorrow afternoon. Jolly fine it is looking too.Still a fair bit to do, including the cut-out for the gas hob, the unit end panels and corner posts (we will be making a visit to the local saw mill next week to see if we can pick up some nice bits of oak for those), the kick boards, drawers and the two wall cabinets (one of which will hide the fusebox). Plus, I still need to find some 15x15 cm wall tiles for finishing off. Busy busy.

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