Friday, 16 October 2009

That's better

During our break in the UK, we both picked up a sore throat/cough which has laid us low for the past few days. I was supposed to be mountain biking with Pat yesterday but had to cancel after an appalling nights sleep and as I was generally feeling awful. Fortunately, sleep came easier last night and the sore throat eased, so this morning I was determined to get out for some exercise in this fantastic autumnal weather. I chose a 10km circuit from Ercé which I have not done before. It was clear that neither Andy nor I had a great deal of energy, so we took it steady but still made much faster time on the 400m of ascent than was suggested in the book. It was a lovely circuit with great views back down the valleyplenty of photogenic bovinesand some lovely running on narrow 'chemins' and footpaths on the way back down. I was so pleased to have got out for some exercise and the view towards Mont Valier from Cominac on the way home, as the sun was weakening topped off a smashing outing

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