Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Weather change

We have been enjoying proper autumnal weather for the past week, with cold overnight/early morning temperatures but lovely blue skies and warm sun during the day. However, some Atlantic weather is now moving in with heavy skies and temperatures today some 10 degrees higher than yesterday (up to 20 degrees) and rain forecast. I needed to get out for some form of exercise today having been laid low with the cold and cattarrh over the weekend. So we headed down to Massat and took circuit no. 3 along the old mule track to le Port and then up to Urtrier and then a steep descent back down through the woodland to Massat. It was a brief 7km circuit with 300m of ascent but anything more at this moment in time would have been foolhardy until the cold has gone.

This afternoon, I dug over more of the potager and added some manure before planting more red onion and shallot sets which will hopefully survive any vole attack this winter. I lifted a couple of parsnips for dinner this evening and was quite stunned by the size of the veg that appeared (after some effort, it has to be said!)Excellent, fertile soil and good conditions this summer - perfect!

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