Sunday, 17 January 2010


People's views on what constitute the fundamental requirements for a comfortable life vary dramatically and indeed they change in the course of your life as circumstances evolve. For us, in this environment at this time of year, a good supply of seasoned wood and a functioning wood burner are at the top of the list. It's a pretty basic requirement, really. Although our new woodburner's efficiency is far superior to that of the old one, we have still been getting through our stock of seasoned wood at quite a pace and the woodshed is looking decidedly bare. So, despite the snow that still lies on the ground, we popped out yesterday to fell a young, dead tree that stood next to our little road - it has been logged this afternoon and we now have enough wood to see us safely through at least to mid February, so the pressure is off! However, the next clear, dry spell will see more chainsaw and logging action as we collect more dead and seasoned wood to further bolster our supplies. Winter is not done with us yet.

Temperatures have risen over the past couple of days and that most unpleasant of things, slush, has taken the place of last week's light, powdery snow. I hate it. It is thoroughly unpleasant. There is too much of it underfoot to make a run around here possible let alone worthwhile, which is frustrating. But tomorrow, colder temperatures are expected and I am looking forward to meeting Pat and Kev up at the Plateau de Beille for some real ski de fond action on properly prepared tracks. Despite Pat's enthusiasm for the sport, I am trying not to set my expectations too high. I shall report back!