Friday, 29 January 2010


The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Heavy grey skies, strong gusts of wind and rain (forecast to turn to snow tonight) are battering us this evening - most unpleasant. However, we managed to sneak over the Col de Port to Foix this afternoon before the Weather set in, to have a run along the newly created 'Voie Verte' which will eventually run from just outside of Foix all the way through to Saint-Girons following the old railway line which fell into disuse in the 1950s. An 18km long section of the 42km long line has so far been transformed into a walkable, runnable, cyclable track which is a perfect option for poor weather days. Further sections are due to be completed in 2010. We did an 'out and back' run of 11.5kms and I am already contemplating using the track for speed and distance training this year - it is ideal. The track is also the setting for a half-marathon event which takes place in the autumn which I may well be up for!

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