Tuesday, 26 January 2010


There was a dusting of snow above 1000m yesterday, so, with good weather forecast for this afternoon, we headed down to Ax for some more ski action. Although full on 'soleil' had been forecast, I was somewhat disappointed to be greeted at Ax by not insignificant banks of cloud which extended beyond Bonascre. However, the tele cabin from there up to the top lifts miraculously pushed through the cloud and we were enveloped by wall to wall blue sky and sunshine for the whole afternoon. It was simply stunning.Little pockets of cloud stubbornly clung to some of the lower ridge lines, but they created an eery, wild beauty all of their own
Ski-wise, I am becoming frustrated with my lack of confidence and my tentative approach to just about every run that I do, regardless of its grade. Skiing needs a confident, even an aggressive approach for the best results. I just don't have it. I am not a natural. Rather than getting a buzz and that 'YES!' feeling when I have done a (for me) hard run, I feel more relief that I have made it down in one piece (IF I have made it down in one piece!). Is it simply down to technique? Will an outlay on lessons result in a corresponding jump in my confidence and therefore enjoyment of my skiing? Do I just need to spend more time on the slopes? I don't know the answer. But one thing I do know, and that is that skiing takes you up to some simply breathtaking locations. I will keep at it simply for that reason.


Lee said...

Good photo of Pic de St Barthelemy - skiing touring up that tomorrow and I can see in your photo that it's plastered!!

In reply to your question - some lessons will undoubtedly speed up the learning curve but most of all I think you need more time on the slopes. Good thing about buying a season pass is that you want to ski at least 20 days in the season to get your money back.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Penny your not alone at all!
First thoughts for me is phew i'm in one piece and alive! 2nd is the YES feeling. Not the other way round. And if were talking about trad then its only the 1st one!
I tend to get a delayed adrenalin rush ;)
Maybe its a female thing?