Monday, 18 January 2010

Winter playground

Today's outing up to the Plateau de Beille with Pat and Kev was simply stunning and more than made up for the abortive outing to the Etang de Lhers the other day. The snow was perfect. The situation was, well, breathtaking and the ski de fond tracks, perfectly cut, weaved and snaked their way for kilometer after kilometer across the Plateau. The skis ran smoothly and efficiently on the gradual inclines and Pat quickly taught me how to take one foot out of the 'track' and use it in a snowplough formation to slow myself down on the steady descent tracks, thus ensuring that I did not run out of control and end up broken! It was a cracking afternoon. I am now hooked. The photos say it all


Lee said...

Apart from the fear of breaking both your ankles trying to stop on a "black" descent through heavily wooded slopes - it's kinda dull though isn't it?

penny said...

It's all in the technique! Can be a pootle, can be a good workout (more so if 'skating'). Ski de fond has its place in the grand scheme of things. But any opportunity to be up in the snow somewhere beautiful is just fine by me :-D