Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Something different

Well, that was the plan. But it didn't quite happen. You would have thought that on a gloriously sunny winter's day like today, after a recent fantastic dump of snow, the Ski de Fond centre up at the Etang de Lhers would be open, wouldn't you. But no. All shut up. No sign to indicate open days/times nor any indication as to when we would be able to give them our hard-earned money to hire some x-country gear for a tootle around one of my favourite spots. Disappointed? You bet! So we contented ourselves with a mooch down to the Etang de Lhers which is quite simply one of the most stunning places at this time of year.There was not a sound. Complete tranquillity. The place had remained untainted by human footsteps since the weekend's snowfall. I felt somehow guilty at tainting the pristine powder with our clumsy footsteps but I was sure Mother Nature would forgive us if she knew just what pleasure and joy she was allowing us to experience. I took a video while we were down there which I will be attempting to upload to YouTube. Watch this space!

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