Thursday, 21 January 2010

Somewhere new

It's always quite exciting when I discover new running circuits. It's easy to get stale with the same old same old. The snow has not yet given up its occupation of our immediate area here around Massat, but fortunately, on the other side of the Col de Port, it has been steadily giving up its hold on the land which is now pretty much clear up to 1200m. So Andy joined me on a new circuit that I created which took us along good paths (although somewhat muddy in places from melted snow), beneath the Calames crag, along behind Roche Rond and then on and up to the north side of Sommet du Mont (yes, that really is its name!), following the excellent woodland path in the direction of Carlong from where we had superb views back down the valley with Pic de Saint Barthelemy in the distancebefore picking up a steep descent back down to the valley, then along tracks and a short road section to Rabat les Trois Seigneurs from where the final stretch back up to Bedeilhac. It worked out at 11.6km with 650m of ascent. It was a slow outing but a good stretch of the legs all the same. Tomorrow, I will be stretching and resting in preparation for the Snow Race at Plateau de Beille on Saturday - I can't wait!

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